Diner Dash Online Arcade Game - Did you know?

  • The first diner was a horse-drawn wagon equipped to serve hot food to employees of the Providence Journal, in Providence, Rhode Island in 1872.
  • Common usage of the word "diner" was not widely adopted until 1925.
  • Diners as we know them today were originally actual dining cars on railways. When a dining car was no longer fit for service, it was often employed as a cheap restaurant at a stationary location.
  • Diner lingo includes terms like "A blonde with sand" (coffee with cream and sugar), "Bloodhounds in the hay" (hot dogs and sauerkraut), and "Bossy in a bowl" (beef stew)!

Diner Dash Game Rules

Online Arcade Game Diner Dash

Make Flo's restaurant the best in town by serving customers quickly! Better service = bigger tips!

Help Flo make her restaurants the best in town. Keep customers happy by taking orders, serving drinks, clearing dishes, and collecting tips in this multi-tasker's delight. Use power-ups, seating bonuses, and chained actions to score big!

Online Arcade Game Diner Dash

Game Goal


Help Flo manage a crowd of customers in order to make her restaurants the best in town. Keep customers happy by taking orders, serving drinks and food, clearing dishes, and collecting tips in this multi-tasker's delight. Use power-ups, seating bonuses, and chained actions to score big, but don't let your clientele get too upset or you'll lose their business... and their tips!


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Game Rules


The game opens with two choices:


  • "Click to Begin" will start the game with two of four Power-Up offers before taking you straight to one of Flo's 15 randomly-selected restaurants. Each different Power-Up provides Flo with a unique benefit during the game (see below for details). It's up to you to choose the Power-Up that best suits your individual playing style.


  • "Game Options" will allow you to adjust the sound/music levels before you start the game. You can turn off sound effect and/or music by setting their levels to zero (0%). Any adjustments done here are remembered for all subsequent Diner Dash games.


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Seating Customers:

As customers arrive in your restaurant, left-click on them with your mouse and drag them to an appropriately-sized table (tables come with 2 or 4 seats). When seating groups of customers, pay attention to which individual group member you picked up, and put your mouse cursor over the seat that you want that particular customer to sit in. The other members of the group will arrange themselves around the table in the same order in which they were standing. Prior to releasing the mouse button, you can move the cursor over different seats at the table to change the seating arrangement.


Note: Be careful not to let go of the left mouse button until you've seated them in the right place. Once they're seated, you cannot move the customers.


Where your customers sit determines the color-coding of the chairs (corresponding to the color of the customer's outfit) and will affect your seating bonus when you seat the next party at that table. If a customer sits on a seat that matches their outfit, you'll get a 100-point bonus, and the bonus goes up with each consecutive match on the same chair!


If customers wait too long, they'll leave, so move quickly to keep the turnover as fast as possible. Try to fill tables rather than allow a single customer to sit at a table for four; that way you'll maximize your score.


Taking Orders:

When the customers are ready to order, they'll set down their menus and wave. Left-click on their table to pick up their order and then click on the ticket station to drop it off for the chef. A number will appear on the customer's table, corresponding to the order number.


Serving Meals and Drinks:

When the customers' meals are ready, they will appear in covered dishes on the counter. Click on the finished meals to pick them up. Corresponding order numbers will tell you where to drop them off, which you can do by merely left-clicking on the appropriate table.


To increase customer satisfaction (indicated by the number of red hearts beneath their tables), serve your customers drinks from the counter. The drink machine will flash when beverages are available. Remember that a drink can be delivered to a customer at any time, except for when they're ready to pay the bill. Also, drinks are always dropped last, so any other action that can be taken (e.g., delivering food) will occur first. Drinks can also be dropped at the bus station without serving them, if you need to clear a hand.


Giving Checks/Collecting Tips/Clearing Dishes:

When the customers have finished eating, left-click on their table to drop off the check and collect tips. Click on the table again to pick up the dishes, and then click on the bus station to drop off the dishes before you're caught with your hands full!


Serving Dessert:

After finishing their meal, customers might request dessert (indicated by a thought-bubble over their head). This depends on the customer's mood, and certain customer types are more likely to order dessert than others (see the Customer Chart below).


When a customer requests dessert, the dessert display case to the left of counter will light up. Click on it to grab a piece of pie, then on the group's table to drop it off and score extra points! Serving dessert is optional. If you are in a hurry to get rid of the customer, you can always just bring them their check instead.


Customer Mood:

Customers have a maximum of 10 Mood Points, represented by 5 hearts (which can be half-filled for odd-numbered mood levels). Customers start with 6 Mood Points (three full hearts) that fluctuate, according to how fast you serve them. If you make customers wait for too long, they'll become impatient and lose Mood Points. You can make groups happier by seating them in chairs of the same color, attending to them quickly when they need something, and serving them drinks. Additionally, some Power-Ups provide Mood boosts (see below).


If a customer's mood drops to zero, they leave, causing you to lose 50 points. Be careful to serve as quickly as possible to avoid this occurrence - no one wants an unhappy customer!


Different customers have different personalities: some are slow eaters, some are impatient, and others are stingy tippers. Knowing your customer's quirks is a key to scoring big. The chart below ranks their stats:


Customer Type Chart 


Young Lady


Business Woman

Cellphone Addict




(most to least patient)







Ordering Speed(quickest to slowest)







Eating Speed(quickest to slowest)








(best to worst)







Orders Desserts


Very Often


Almost Never





At the beginning of each game you can choose one of two available power-ups. Choose the one that best fits your style and strategy. There are four from which to choose:



Oven Pro - An oven upgrade allows the chef to cook meals faster, decreasing the time between when an order is placed and when it is ready.

  • Energy Bars - These increase the walking speed of Flo, allowing her to zip around a busy restaurant with ease.
  • Podium - The podium stands at the bottom-left of the restaurant. When you left-click on the podium, Flo moves over to it and chats to the customers in line. A heart on the podium slowly fills-up; when it is complete, all customers in line receive a Mood boost. Using the podium does not interrupt scoring chains.
  • Radio - The radio sits on the right side of the restaurant. When it is available for use, it will light up in yellow. Left-click on it to turn it on and send soothing sounds to your seated customers. The lively tunes will give all these groups a Mood Boost.


Time Limit:

You only have five minutes to serve all of your customers. If time runs out before then, the game will end. Don't move too slowly or you'll get a lower score!

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Game Controls



Use the mouse to left-click on any group of customers (they don't have to be the next ones in line) and drag them to a table, being sure to release the left mouse button only once the customers have been seated exactly where you want them.

  • Left-click on tasks for Flo. Remember: You don't have to do one task at a time - click on a series of tasks in rapid succession and Flo will perform her duties in the order in which they were selected.
  • Flo only has two hands, so remember to empty them as soon as possible. If she has two orders, send her straight to the ticket station. If she has empty dishes, lighten her load by sending her to the bus station. The more free hands Flo has, the better she'll perform!

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Game Scoring


Get points for each of the following successful actions:

Taking an Order:

20 pts.

Delivering Food:

30 pts.

Serve Dessert:

80 pts.

Delivering Check:

50 pts.

Clearing Table:

40 pts.

Matching Customer

to Colored Seat:

100 pts.



If similarly-colored customers are seated consecutively in a matching-colored seat, you will receive a multiplier of 1x, 2x, 3x, etc., depending on the number of consecutive matching customers. If the multiplier is 2x or more, a flag appears on the seat indicating the bonus multiplier. Customers also become happier, receiving a +1 mood boost per color bonus.

Please note that seating a colored customer on a non-matching chair removes all bonuses. In this instance, the chair will become the color of the newly-seated customer.



The tip is based on the type of customer: some customers are stingy, while others are generous (see Customer Type Chart, above). The size of the type is also affected by the size and the mood of the group. Bigger, happier groups tip more! For each person at a table above one, the tip is increased by 10. Thus, a table of three would give +20 points above the base tip for that customer type. This amount is decreased by 10 points for every mood point less than 10, so a table with 6 mood points (3 full hearts) would have their final tip decreased by 40 points.



Chaining Flo's actions adds a 2x multiplier. Just make Flo perform consecutive, uninterrupted actions to receive this desired bonus.

Chaining requires performing any of the following standard actions consecutively and without interruption (except as noted below):


Taking Orders

  • Delivering Food
  • Settling Checks
  • Clearing Dirty Dishes
  • Delivering Dessert


Please note that seating customers and standing at the podium will not break an existing chain. All other actions will end it immediately.

The following actions can NOT be chained for bonus points:


Seating Customers

  • Providing Drinks


Time Bonus

The Time Bonus consists of +5 points per second remaining on the Game Timer at the end of the game.

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Game Strategy


  • Power-Ups help to increase your score by allowing you to choose items that enhance your playing style. Select from one of the two options at the beginning of the game and use them as directed.
  • Chain as often as you can for scoring bonuses!
  • Be sure to seat customers at appropriately-sized tables - putting a lone customer at a table for four is bad for business!
  • Learn the customer types and strategize around them - there's good money to be made serving the right clientele!
  • When moods get low, serve drinks! Your customers will love you for it!
  • Serve desserts to score extra points whenever possible. Keep in mind that only happy customers will order dessert, so you'll need to provide good service to cash in on the dessert bonus.


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