How to play the skill games.


1. Choose your Site and Register. 

You have to register even if you want to play for free. 


Register now at WorldWinner


They offer tons of fun skill games such as Solitaire andCubis. All you need to register is to choose a username &password and enter your email.


2. Receive Free Cash

After completing your initial registration process, you will receive your free cash credits.You can use these cash credits to participate in free tournaments against other free players. Redeeming these cash credits for real cash and participation in larger, cash prize tournaments requires a credit card deposit.


3. Enter a Tournament

Free Tournaments are designed to get new users comfortable with how larger cash prize tournaments work.


Note: Most companies will only let you play a number of games for free before making you deposit money or upgrade to unlimited free games membership.

SkillArcade Tip:

Make sure to use some of your free money to learn the specific game and tournament play before your deposit. This will provide you with added knowledge of the software, the game and the general game rules.

Scrabble Fun Fact:

In 1949 Alfred Mosher Butts & James Brunot combined chance and skill to invent the game that has become an American cultural icon.

Success began when Macy's started selling the scrabble game in their stores in the early 50's.



4. Play for Real Money

Once you have mastered a game and want to play for cash, it works something like this.


You login to your account and go to the deposit section.   A credit card, PayPal or NETeller account is used to purchase credits.  Generally, companies ask that you deposit a minimum of $20, although larger amounts of credits can be purchased.  Companies need to do this, because they usually absorb the cost of processing charged by the bank.


You are now a cash gamer using credits to play in tournaments for cash.  So now you feel that you want to play a tournament of skill and so it’s time to choose a game to play. 


If you have lots of wins and wish to withdraw the cash, you go to the withdraw section and a check is sent out to you within 5 days in most cases.  If you use PayPal or NETeller, your account is credited automatically.


Some Additional Notes.

During the setup of the game, some software may need to be downloaded.  This software is integral to play the games, and will not interfere with your operating systems.  Usually it is an add-on from Macromedia, which allows the shockwave player to be installed.


And make sure you allow pop-ups on your browser.


The Entrance Fee and the Prize Pool contribution are posted along with the minimum number of players and a time limit on the tournament.  You then opt to play the tournament and the fees are debited from your account.  If you win the tournament, your account is credited with the total amount of the Prize Pool from the tournament.