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Tournament Play for Skill Games


Online skill gaming sites are fun and may provide you with hours of entertainment and excitement. Who knows? Maybe you'll win big! When compared with online casinos, there are fewer choices available.


The Entrance Fee and the Prize Pool contribution are posted along with the minimum number of players and a time limit on the tournament.  You then opt to play the tournament and the fees are debited from your account.  If you win the tournament, your account is credited with the total amount of the Prize Pool from the tournament. 




  • This game was called Diamond Mineuntil renamed by Microsoft.

  • It was one of the first games downloadable by iTunes for the iPod.

  • Bejeweled can be seen being played by Singaporean Hollywood star Fann Wong in a scene of the 2007 film Just Follow Law.

  • Its influence has crossed the virtual divide, as a scratchcard based on the game has been issued byLotterywest.


Twisted Fun!

You know the game. Swap two adjacent pieces to make matching chains of identical sparkling gems. Play at your leisure in the Classic non-timed mode. Move quickly to beat the clock in the Action mode! Put your brain to the test and clear the board entirely in the Puzzle mode. Power Gems and Hyper Cubes help you get to the next level faster and with more points.

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The Entrance Fee is just like a golf course greens fee. It allows the skill games company to have the Prize Pool contribution is just like a Prize Pool for any golf tournament. The company does not profit from the size of a player’s wager on his or her own skills. In fact, players don't ”wager“ at all, they simply decide how much of a Prize Pool they are willing to pay. And the Skill Games Company also does not profit from the size of the cash prize pool, nor does it profit if one player wins over another specific player.  To ensure that the company is running games of skill and not gambling, determinations are made by gaming experts and legal counsel to insure that games meet regulatory requirements. 


Tournaments generally run no longer than five minutes and involve five people on average.  Thousands of tournaments can be played per day depending on the number of users on the system. 


If you have lots of wins and wish to withdraw the cash, you go to the withdraw section and a check is sent out to you within 5 days in most cases.  If you use PayPal or NETeller, your account is credited automatically.


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